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eComplex℠ offers business management assistance to form and operate a wide variety of entities inclusive of :

Sourcing and Procurement Companies, Virtual and Physical Companies, Wholesale and Retail Companies, Shopping Centers and Malls, Virtual Goods Stores, Digital Goods Stores, Physical Goods Stores, Parts, Equipment, Tools, Accessories and Supplies Stores, Warehouse Clubs, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Fitness, Sports, Rehabilitation and Healthcare Centers, Rental and Leasing Companies, Trade-In Companies, Auction Houses, Discount Companies, Refurbished, B-Stock and Used Items Outlet Stores, Remodelling, Restoration, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling Services Companies, Construction, Building and Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Contracting Companies, Utilities and Telecommunication Companies, Membership, Directory Listing and Search Engine Companies, Call Centers and Tech Support Companies, Rebates, Returns, Exchange, Replacement and Loyalty Rewards Processing Companies, Claims and Warranty Administration and Extended Warranty Provider Companies, Human Resource and Recruitment Portals, Career Advancement and Job Creation Companies, Talent Agencies, Research, Development, Incubation and Innovation Hubs, Socio-eConomic Development and Trade Promotion Organizations, education, training, academic and professional equivalency assessment, work experience evaluation, proficiency and competency testing centers, Educational, Professional and Cultural Exchanges, Photography, Animation, Media, Cinematography, Audio/Video Production and Post-Production Studios, Television, Radio, Broadcasting, Distribution and Streaming Companies, mailing, packing, packaging, freight, shipping, consolidation, forwarding, logistics, fulfillment, drop shipping, delivery, pickup, moving and relocation services and transport companies, Import, Export, Customs Clearance Companies, Advertising, Digital Media, Marketing Companies, e-commerce development and information technology solutions companies, Banking, Finance and Insurance companies, Payments & POS solutions companies, accounting, payroll, tax preparation & tax filing companies, Credit Building and Credit Repair Services Companies, Broker Services Firms, Lead Generation and Sales Referrals Companies, Deals and Coupons Companies, Socializing, Networking and Recreational Facilities, Event Organization and Entertainment Companies, Consumer, Business, Industrial and Government Solutions Provider Companies, Environmental Protection, Conservation, Preservation and Recycling Companies, Consulting, Concept Visualization, Design, Architecture, Planning, Development, Management, Administration, Operations, Service & Support Companies, Corporate and Business Solutions Companies, Branding and Intellectual Property Services Companies, Legal Services Companies, Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Companies, Security and Surveillance Companies, Franchising, Licensing and IP Enforcement Companies, Wealth Management & Investment Companies, Robotics, Automation, Vision Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Teleportation, Levitation, BioTechnology, BioMedical, BioEngineering and Hi-Tech Companies, Energy Production, Air Purification, Water Treatment, Food Processing, Metals and Minerals Processing Companies, Commodities Trading Companies….

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